wtorek, 23 sierpnia 2011

Simple as that.

Gotta tell you guys, The kooks were simply AMAZING! I love the fact that Luce has such a great contact with the audience and they played like every song I love. Ahh cannot wait to see them live again:). Well no about the outfit. Pretty simple, high waisted shorts, a nude t-shirt and some black boots.

czwartek, 18 sierpnia 2011

All that she wants

Basically, that's what I'm gonna wear tomorrow at the coke live music festival but instead of the heels just some casual leopard printed flats:). Cannot wait to see the Kooks live!

With the best photographer ever! :) <3

jacket - no name, second hand shop
shorts - big star, second hand shop
shoes- e-bay.com ( borrowed from my lovely friend :)
kitty ring- new yorker
hat- h&m
glasses- h&m

piątek, 12 sierpnia 2011

Oh yes you're mentally dying

Hope that this comeback is for real! Fingers crossed.

lace shirt- Zara
jeans- h&m
wedges- allegro.pl
cross ring- anxi-shop.pl
cross earing- kinkykiki.pl